Hi there, I’m Pia! I’m a web + editorial stylist from Philadelphia. Sometimes, I get together with my best friend to design clothing under the label, Senpai + Kohai (@senpaiandkohai), oh, and I also work on fun, creative, and progressive, fashion projects under Humanitas Movement (#humanitasmovement).

I started my career with a dream of becoming a fashion designer straight out of high school. After my college career at Jefferson/Philadelphia University in 2006, I split my time between Philadelphia retail and working with the amazing costume/textile/fashion designer and fabulous mentor, Christian Joy, in Greenpoint NYC. What an amazing time!

It wasn’t until the fall of 2007, that I was introduced to product styling. I started my career under clothing brand Anthropologie, where I learned about creative ways to present products (via product photography) sold on websites and eventually catalogs. After my 3.5-year journey, I graduated from Anthro. as a Sr. Stylist. I was itching to broaden my career and see what else is out there in my industry, so I spent 5 years freelancing and splitting my time between Philadelphia and New York City (and everything in between); but mainly working for all brands under Urban Outfitters Inc. 

In the beginning of year, 2016, I was offered to take on a valuable challenge as a full-time stylist with David’s Bridal. Presently, I am inspired by a fun and amazing team, working on creative projects for the web and editorial projects, while building/running a full functioning photo studio. 

If you’re interested in seeing how my brain sees the world, join me on my journey via IG, @pia_panaligan. No matter what, don’t forget to feed your soul and never stop looking for that magic.

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